Sosnovy Bor Water and Wastewater Rehabilitation

Sosnovy Bor is a small town some 80 kilometers west from St Petersburg. Wastewater treatment facilities in major towns around the Baltic Sea have by and large been upgraded to comply with EU standards and HELCOM recommendations. Small municipalities, such Sosnovy Bor, and their combined effect need to be addressed next in order to reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. With the proposed investment, Sosnovy Bor will be the first municipality in northwest Russia outside of St Petersburg to implement enhanced phosphorus removal using chemical treatment.

Project Description

The wastewater treatment plant is operational but inefficient. Its energy consumption is very high, it does not deploy chemical treatment of wastewater and has no sludge disposal system. The investment aims to rehabilitate facilities by:

  1. installing new air blowers, compressors and pumps to improve energy efficiency;
  2. constructing a sludge drying unit to handle solid waste and
  3. adding phosphorus removal facilities for improved chemical treatment.

Environmental Benefits

The outcomes of the project are:

  • reduction of phosphorus load to the Baltic Sea by 22 000 t/a;
  • energy efficiency improvements that will reduce CO2 emisions and
  • a sustainable solution for disposing sludge from treated wastewater.


At a glance

Water and waste treatment
Sosnovy Bor Vodokanal
Grant agreement signed:
Project status:
Implementing IFI:


National Funds

  • Local contribution
  • €3,100,000

IFI Loans

  • €750,000

NDEP Grant

  • €500,000

Other Grants

  • FMoE
  • €750,000
  • Total
  • €5,100,000


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